Award Winning Wines

from East Anglia

Toppesfield Vineyard is a small boutique vineyard run by Jane and Peter Moore.

We have busy working lives Monday – Friday and look forward to our weekends in the vineyard where we combine our passion for English wine with our love of being outside (whatever the weather!) to produce fine English wines.

Our wines are available directly from our website, a wide range of retailers (physical and online) and by appointment at the Wine Cellar Door. 


Our story started in the winter of 2011 when we had the opportunity to buy some agricultural land next to the house. We already knew from previous research that the valley around Toppesfield was heavily planted with vines in Roman Times; this theory was supported by the discovery in the 1800s of the remains of a Roman centurion, his sword blade, metal wine vase and small cups in the field where we have planted the current vineyard. This history gave us the inspiration to create a 21st century vineyard in the rolling hills around Toppesfield.



We started marking out the ground for the vineyard in the winter of 2012 following advice from McNeill Vineyard Management Ltd (MVM) on the best site and grape varieties for our particular location and soil type. The ground is a fertile chalk subsoil overlain by a clay loam. The easterly and westerly winds that blow through the vineyard provide good air circulation which, combined with high levels of sunshine in East Anglia, help create an ideal growing environment for vines.


Grape varieties

We chose Bacchus as our main white grape variety. It is a ‘cool climate’ grape which has proven to be very successful in East Anglia’s dry and sunny climate. It has hints of gooseberry and elderflower and really does evoke sensations of English hedgerows in early summer.

We selected Pinot Noir Précoce, an early ripening red grape, which makes excellent rosé wine in our climate. 

Toppesfield Wine Centre

The development and construction of Toppesfield Wine Centre was initiated with the LEADER scheme to promote sales of Toppesfield wines, creating new employment opportunities and rural tourism through vineyard tours / tastings, cultural events and luxury holiday accommodation overlooking the vineyard.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:
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